The 17th Regular Seminar ended.

The University Of Kitakyushu, Center for Chinese Business Studies

17th Regular Seminar


Theme        :  Development of Human Resources with Diversity to Meet the Globalized Competitive  Society

Speaker           Ph.D Masakazu WATANUKI President of Japan Global Initiative 

Commentator    Pro. Xiaoping WANG    Center for Chinese Business Studies, Graduate

                              School of Business Administration Director, the University of Kitakyushu

Date                 : July 13, 2019

Place                : Kokura Satellite Campus, The University of Kitakyushu


  Dr. Masakazu WATANUKI, who served as a lecturer at this seminar, has engaged in practical cooperation and assistance for development with more than forty countries, mainly developing countries in Asia and Latin America, for more than thirty years, as a development professional in private sectors and international organizations.

  In his lecture, he introduced us to a wide range of official statistical indicators related to macro economy, international competitive strength and human resources development, followed by practical examples and his own extensive experiences. Based on them, he presented actual situations in supplying human resources with diversity to address the needs of the progressing globalization. He also emphasized the necessity and urgency of developing diversified human resources for Japan, which has faced an aging society with a low birth rate, continued decline of its population, and a lower growth of industry and economy. His explanation of the concept and the framework of analysis was very easy to understand. His presentation was very persuasive because he developed his views by presenting an abundant objective basis for his argument.  His presentation drew much attention from attendees of the seminar, who asked lots of questions in the Q & A session, and active discussions lasted beyond the scheduled closing time.

  Prof. Xiaoping WANG, Director of CCBS, the seminar’s commentator, introduced us to practical situations on human resources development for globalization in East Asia apart from Japan from different angles, as well as real experiences in the overseas study programs of CCBS. He talked about the same sense of crisis as Dr. Watanuki had on developing human resources with diversity. After more than three hours, the seminar was concluded by a greeting from Prof. Kazunari KUDO, Dean of the K2BS.

Greetings from Pro.Xiaoping WANG, Center for Chinese Business Studies

Lecture scene of Ph.D Masakazu WATANUKI (1)

Lecture scene of Ph.D Masakazu WATANUKI (2)

Lecture scene of Ph.D Masakazu WATANUKI (3)

Lecture scene of Ph.D Masakazu WATANUKI (4)