Survey & Research

Joint Survey and Research Projects

Survey and Research on Globalization of Local Companies in Kyushu

Kitakyushu Business School (K2BS) and the Chinese Management Centre of the University of Hong Kong signed an MOU on exchange in August 2012 as one of the academic exchange programs in the comprehensive international exchange projects between the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and the Kyushu Economic Federation. With the cooperation of the following members, a joint research project “Survey of globalization of local companies in Kyushu” was planned and conducted from 2012-2014.  From FY2015, the cases of promising companies that are developing in business in the Asian region are selected.

【Members of the research group】

Prof. David TSE
Director, Chinese Management Centre, the University of Hong Kong
Prof. Shige MAKINO
CUHK Business School, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Prof. Shigemi FURUTA
Director, HKTDC
Prof. Xiaoping WANG
Dean, Graduate School of Business Administration, the University of Kitakyushu
(Partner) International Affairs Department of the Kyushu Economic Federation

1st Phase 2012.11~2013.7
Target: Owners and managers of companies with HQs in Kyushu or Yamaguchi
2nd Phase 2013.8~2014.4
Target: Managers in charge of international projects of companies and senior managers of foreign affiliated companies with HQs in Kyushu or Yamaguchi
3rd Phase 2014.10~
From FY2015, the cases of promising companies that are developing in business in the Asian region will be selected. Through hearing surveys, we will set benchmarks for promoting local companies to develop strategy of Asian business in future. We organize and document the contents collected as a survey report, accumulate it as a data file, and use it for education and local business support.

Past surveys and research

New Projects after CCBS establishment

Project for ASEAN Networking

 As Japanese companies gain more interest in advancing into the Southeast Asian business region, some companies, mainly of the manufacturing industry, have transferred part of their operation base to the region. From 2015, we are promoting networking with the institutes in this region to analyze surveys on their investment environment, to collect business information and to support local business.

 In FY2015, we concluded an MOU on academic exchange with the Center for Chinese Language & Culture, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Based on the achievement of past research on Chinese management and Chinese networking, from 2015-2016, we launched a joint-research project called the ” One Belt One Road and Chinese business network”, with the participation of Prof. Hong LIU, Director of Nanyang Center for Public Administration, and Director of Center for Chinese Language & Culture, we promoted the above joint research and presented a report at the New Year Seminars 2016 and 2017.


Research Projects on Private Companies in China

 From FY2015 to FY2016, with the cooperation of the Private Corporations Studies Center of China, Renmin University of China, we actively conducted case studies of Chinese private companies which have continuously contributed to high growth of the Chinese economy. We will focus on comparative analysis of Ethnic Chinese companies and Japanese companies from the perspective of family business management.

 On November 1, 2016, K2BS and CCBS signed MOUs on academic exchange with a leading Chinese business school, Sun Yat-Sen Business School and the Research Center for Chinese Family Firm of Sun Yat-Sen University respectively. Based on the MOUs, we began providing mutual support of overseas study programs and started a research project on management of Chinese private companies compared with Japanese long-established companies.

Surveys and research will be conducted focusing on the following aspects:

      • Degree of family management
      • Institutionalization of business succession
      • Recognition and attitude toward corporate social responsibility
      • Internationalization of business
      • Management environment

 The 1st phase of the joint research program will be conducted from November 2016 to June 2017 by carrying out a questionnaire of targeted companies of both countries in the same survey form. In the 2nd phase of the program from July 2017 to June 2018, targeted companies will be narrowed down to conduct case studies. The result of this joint research is scheduled to be published in Japanese, Chinese and English by the end of FY2019.


Results of collaborative research:

 Comparative Study of Japanese-Chinese Longevity Enterprise is published by the Center for Chinese Business Studies as research series No.1 in March 2020.The cooperative research project on Japanese-Chinese Longevity Enterprise has temporarily come to an end.