Overseas Study Program FY2021

Period: September5-10

 Our overseas study programs are characterized by direct exchanges with business schools in East Asia, a region which has maintained economic interdependence with Japan, and by visits to and exchange with local companies that have developed distinctive management practices. Through these programs, we aim to help students cultivate an international way of thinking in business and to build a people-to-people network.

 This year, due to the continued spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we conducted online programs including special lectures by National Chung Hsing University (Taichung City, Taiwan) and the Center for China and Globalizing Asia Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand. Panel discussions were held with corporate executives, graduates of the EMBA courses as well as talks and networking with Vistage member executives. The students also attended lectures by experts from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, Rajamangala University of Technology Krunghep, Thailand, Foxconn, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and Huawei.  

 On September 5, Professor WANG Xiaoping, Director of CCBS and Professor of K2BS, gave an introduction on the purposes and overall composition of the program. After that, the students attended the special lecture, “Development of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation,” presented by Dr. Shin-horng CHEN, Specially-appointed Professor of the EMBA, College of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, who also serves as Director of the International Economic Research Institute, Chung-Hua Institute of Economic Research. Professor Ku-ho Lin, Vice Dean of College of Management, National Chung Hsing University, and Director of Cornerstone Center for Academical Industry Research, Taiwan also gave a special lecture under the theme of the “US-China Trade War and Coordination and Reconstruction of Taiwan-Japan Supply Chain under the COVID-19 pandemic.”

 The final session of the day was a panel discussion with the corporate executives who graduated from the EMBA courses of National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan. After a presentation by the Taiwanese side on the economic outlook for Taiwan in 2021 and the exchange of service industries between Taiwan and Japan, the participants were divided into three groups to discuss “Taiwan-Japan industrial cooperation and management styles,” “Differences in institutional and non-institutional support for innovation and business startups,” and “The role of MBA/EMBA networks in entrepreneurship and business exchange.”

 On September 6, Dr. Yuande, Senior researcher of the Center for China and Globalizing Asia Studies of Mahidol University and Vice Dean of International College at the Rajamangala University of Technology Krunghep, Thailand, gave a presentation entitled “Chinese Companies in Thailand: Business Management, Socio-Political Participation, and Mutual Relations with China.” Focusing on the existence of Chinese (or ethnic Chinese) companies that underpin the Thai economy and their management style, he also touched on the history of migration to Thailand, socio-political participation, and relations with the Chinese region, the land of their ancestors, and provided information on their presence as a receptacle for investment and trade with Thailand.

 On September 7, Mr. Gen-luo Xu, Outside Director of True Corporation Public Company Ltd. (TRUE) and Vice Chairman of the Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, gave a presentation entitled “Comparative Analysis of Japanese and Chinese Investment in Thailand”, in which he gave a comparative analysis of the foreign direct investment structures, business styles and competitiveness of Japanese and Chinese companies, which are the main players in foreign direct investment in Thailand. This was followed by a discussion with Mahidol University EMBA graduate students in a Q&A session.

 On September 8, Mr. Edward Huang, Operation Manager of Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Co., Ltd.), Representative Director of Ennoconn and Mr. Keiichi Shimizu, VP of Sales, Goldtek (A core company of the same group), introduced Foxconn’s acquisition and merger strategies and achievements under the title of “Corporate Growth Engine: Investment”. They also shared their experiences related to the acquisition of Sharp, followed by a Q&A session.

 On September 9, Mr. Wu Qiang, Coach from Shanghai Old Chair Management Consulting, Vistage Global Partner, gave a presentation titled “VISTAGE Executive Coaching Meeting: A Platform to Promote Leadership Development of Executives,” and explained Vistage’s coaching philosophy, specific methods, and how they differ from traditional consulting methods and MBA education. In the latter half of the session, executives from both Japan and China talked frankly about the sustainable development of their companies.

 In the first half of the session on September 10, Mr. Masahiro ITO, Director of the Tokyo Office of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, introduced Hong Kong’s systems, economy, and culture, with emphasis on Hong Kong-Japan exchanges, Chinese business networks and the Greater Bay Area in his presentation entitled “Greater Economic Area; Business Opportunities and Hong Kong’s Role in the Greater Bay Area”. In the second half, Mr. Takashi Kaku, General Manager of Public & Industry Relationship Department, Huawei Japan Co., Ltd. gave an introduction on Huawei’s recent success in achieving sustainable growth through fierce market competition. He also talked about the company’s approach to create and realize new social value by practicing open innovation and developing market together in the ICT field.

 This overseas study program was held by the Center for Chinese Business Studies, and Peng Lijun, the research fellow was involved in the overall planning, communication coordination and operation. This time, we implemented the program in the form of online lectures, which allowed us to work together with universities and companies from various countries and regions, including Taiwan, Thailand, mainland China, and Hong Kong and Japan. While students worked through the busy schedule in the program, they were able to grasp information on the local economy, culture, and policies of each country and region, as well as engage in panel discussions and debates with local executives, and had a meaningful exchange of opinions. We believe that these experiences will lead to their future activities in various manners.

Introduction(Professor Xiaoping WANG )

Development of Digital Economy and DX(Dr. Shin-horng CHEN)

Coordination and Reconstruction of Twaiwai-Japan Supply Chain(Professor Ku-ho Lin)

EMBA Panel discussion With Chung Hsing University

Ethnic Chinese Companies in Thailand(Dr. Yuande)

Comparative Analysis of Japanese and Chinese Investment in Thailand(Mr. Genluo Xu)

Discussion with Mahidol University EMBA graduate students

Corporate Growth Engine: Investment(Mr. Edward Huang, Mr. Keiichi Shimizu from Foxconn Group)

VISTAGE Executive Coaching Meeting(Mr. Wu Qiang)

Discussion with Vistage(China)member executives

Business Opportunities and Hong Kong’s Role in the Greater Bay Area(Mr. Masahiro ITO)

Huawei’s business approach(Dr. Takashi Kaku)